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About Us

Go Savvy Events is a conference and event management company, and we cater events in healthcare, pharmaceutical, mental health, and wellness. We can take care of your event needs and work seamlessly to bring your vision and event ideas to life!

We would love to get involved in your event from the beginning to execution and make sure everything is planned and runs smoothly making it a memorable event. We will also get involved at any stage of the event planning process, ensuring you have a savvy pair of hands on your side to exceed expectations.

We can manage conferences & workshops, exhibitions, awards ceremonies, charity events, awards ceremonies to employee incentives, team health & wellness days, and team building.

About Me

The founder, Sandra Martin, strongly believes that your health is your wealth, she is passionate to be involved in healthcare events which communicate impactful messages and ultimately improve patient care. She is highly motivated and savvy in planning and delivering events with a diverse background in project managing a wide range of healthcare conferences & events. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, and a fully qualified Counsellor, she has the expertise in mental health and wellness to plan your business wellness initiatives and programs. She would be your trusted partner every step of the way and, no matter what event you are planning, big or small, she would be passionate to ensure all your events needs are met and exceeded.


Go Savvy Events will ensure sustainable practices to produce conferences and events that deliver each client’s objectives and results.

Event Management

Whether you are looking for assistance with managing your conference or need help in designing, creating managing awards ceremonies, charity events, gala dinners, employee incentives, training days, or team buildings we can help.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The World Health Organisation states that ‘Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community.

Therefore, companies should be actively supporting and having a more open culture toward employees’ mental health and well-being. Below are key benefits for both employer and employee:

  • The workplace comes with a happier environment and people will be attracted to work for you, meaning you can get the best talent out there.
  • Employees are much more motivated, and productivity improves.
  • Employees will feel valued making them remain loyal, and this will reduce staff turnover.
  • Employees take fewer days off and if they have mental health symptoms, they can stay off work and get support through their workplace mental health resources.
  • The company’s culture and reputation are enhanced and will stand out from the crowd.

Whether you would like to organise a mental health conference, an in-house event or launch a new wellness initiative, kick start a wellness week or encourage employees to take care of their health. We can be right beside you to plan your next event ensuring to meet your business objectives. We will offer expert knowledge of mental health & wellbeing initiatives, programmes that will engage and ignite your employees.

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